While providing various legal services, B.O.B Co., Ltd., ( collectively B.O.B or “We” ) we keep guest’s personal information. As a nationally qualified person who handles the law, Ryou has the social responsibility to protect any and all personal information retained by Ryou. Ryou will provide further reliability and security to our guests. Ryou will comply with the laws and regulations regarding personal information and will handle personal information appropriately.

1.Acquisition of personal information

B.O.B will acquire personal information appropriately regardless of false or other illegal means.

2.Use of personal information

B.O.B will use personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes. When using personal information for purposes not specified below, we will ask and get agreement to the person in advance.
・Responses to requests and consultations for quotations and sending of materials
・Shipment of ordered products
・Provision of information on seminars and various products and services

3.Safety management of personal information

B.O.B will take necessary and appropriate measures for the prevention of leakage, loss or damage of personal information for safety management of personal information.

4.Consignment of personal information

When B.O.B entrusts all or part of the personal information to a third party, B.O.B conducts a rigorous investigation of the third party and ensures that the personal information entrusted to be handled is managed safely.

In the case of consulting, privacy mark application, and ISMS application work,
the handling of personal information may be outsourced to the third party.

5.Provision of personal information to third parties

B.O.B will not provide personal information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person, unless otherwise specified by laws such as Personal Information Protection law.

6.Disclosure and correction of personal information

B.O.B will promptly disclose your personal information when the person requested to do so. If we are unable to confirm the person’s identity, we will not respond to the disclosure. If there is an incorrect in the contents of personal information and there is a request for the correction, addition, or deletion from the person himself, we will respond to these requests promptly after investigation. If the person is unable to confirm his identity, we will not respond to these requests. If you have any requests or inquiries regarding the handling of Ryou’s personal information, please contact the following.

[Contact] B.O.B Co. Ltd.
[E-mail] yamagishi@keysols.jp
[Business hours] 11: 00-22: 00

7.Organization, Structure

Responsible person name “B.O.B” is as the person in charge of personal information management, and will implement appropriate management and continuous improvement of personal information.

8.Changes to this policy

The contents of this policy are subject to change. The revised policy will take effect from the time when it is posted on this site, unless otherwise specified by B.O.B.