Total beauty salon at Ginza.

Specialize in hiperknife, osteopathic and epilation.


94% High level of satisfaction with the authentic salon.

Our guests can spend an elegant time with a full body lymphatic massage by professional therapists in a luxury private salon.

For people who..

☆ wants to receive professional massages.

☆ care about both beauty and health.

☆ needs to be cared personally.

☆ wants to care for stress and troubles from daily life.

☆ wants to go to the hotel spa but doesn't have enough time.

☆ wants high-quality hospitality.

As a private luxury salon, our therapists are the only ones with experienced and professional about beauty, and would be able to provide our guests with the best hospitality.

Our salon's therapists can provide and create the treatments according to the customer's wishes while improving the quality of salon, cleanliness, technical ability and satisfaction.

We understand that you are visiting us during your busy time, however please feel free to ask for the physical condition of the day.

You could truly entrust to our salon.


1. Secure and excellent hospitality

There are many people who come to our salon with nervous feeling, however with the completely private rooms, we are prepare for our guests to be relieved when they open the door for the first time, which is our wish.

We always remember the high quality of hospitality so that we can eliminate our guest's daily stress, tiredness and worries.


2. There are only professional therapists with long careers.

The therapists at our salon "Ryou ginza" are only ones with high technic and experienced, so there is no concern that the technical level will differ from each therapists. We will do our best to meet your goals and wishes.


3. Made to order treatments according to each guests.

At "RyouGinza", it is not a manual treatments. We improve customer's satisfaction every day by providing treatments suitable for each guests concerns. We always try to satisfy our gusts to meet their wishes.


Ryou Ginza



Ginza Land Building 3F,

2-11-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.


Business hours

11: 00-22:00



Irregular holidays


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